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Majority of Europe’s workforce to be mobile ‘by 2018’

Avner Motaev writes about changes to Europe’s workforce.

A new whitepaper report from International Data Corporation (IDC) has stated that 75% of Western Europe’s will be mobile by 2018 and has stressed the importance of device integration.

I have chosen to investigate the news and look into the details.

Deeper convergence

Avner Motaev
Europe’s workforce is mobilising

One interesting feature pointed towards in the report is the need for printer technology to adapt to the changing environment. For example, the whitepaper states that multifunction printers (smart MFPs) will need to provide options to digitise documents in to protect them from foreign threats by providing secure printing from mobile devices.

The fact that mobile devices are being increasingly used to print documents (as opposed to typical work tasks such as checking emails and making calls) shows the levels of integration that mobile devices possess.

With this in mind, it’s clearly important that mobile devices are further integrated with other work devices such as printers, desktop computers and even servers.

The whitepaper goes on to state that:

“Smart MFPs extend the utilisation of the device to a customisable digital transformation tool. They can act as a platform for growth by providing cost and time-efficient workflow solutions aligned with and in support of companies’ business objectives, such as improving compliance and security while supporting mobility and cost-cutting initiatives.”

The statement implies that further integration is clearly important, not just for the ‘bottom line’ but for security as a whole.

Mobile workforce

Returning to the 75% statistic, it’s increasingly clear that mobile devices are becoming normalised in work environments. For example, a similar study from IDC in 2013 found that a third of surveyed companies in Europe allowed mobile devices in the workplace.

This normalisation is an indicator of things to come.

Avner Motaev

Avner Motaev is the director of Mobile2Business, a provider of telecommunications solutions to businesses in Austria. Mobile2Business is an official business partner of T-Mobile

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