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‘Healthy buildings’ intend to improve workers’ performance 

A start-up is aiming to improve the wellbeing and consequently, the productivity of workers by re-fitting properties to a high standard of sustainability.

I’ve decided to look into the news of this development and draw conclusions regarding the project’s future.

Optimum conditions

Delos, founded in 2009 by Peter and Paul Scialla, cemented its mission by publishing The Well Building Standard, which outlines the best practices for a healthy office environment, reported in Bloomberg Business. The manual was modelled after the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programme.

The manual offers guidelines for designing buildings that intend to make individuals happier and healthier through a series of different measures.

Delos has received support in the form of investment from multiple organisations, including an asset-management firm owned by Bill Gates – such investment implies confidence in Delos’ offering.

Avner Motaev

The new investment is a good sign, but there is still a challenge present in the form of convincing other builders, architects, corporations and office managers to involve themselves in the Well Building project.

Early success has manifested in the form of builders currently seeking certification for 20 million square feet of real estate by the International Well Building Institute, a public benefit corporation that registers buildings that are up to standard.

Innovative measures

Measures have included installing ergonomic furniture, non-porous table-tops that don’t house bacteria and stations for creating healthy snacks as opposed to the junk foods that proliferate in offices.

Another development, along the waterfront of Tampa, FL, is set to feature landscaping designed to cut down on pollen and air pollution metres that inform joggers about the best times to exercise.

Such innovative measures have clearly caught the attention of major investors – whether the phenomenon will stay in the US or move to Europe in time remains to be seen.

Avner Motaev

Avner Motaev is the director of Mobile2Business, a provider of telecommunications solutions to businesses in Austria. Mobile2Business is an official business partner of T-Mobile.

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