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Mobile broadband overtakes home connections for the first time 

Across the globe, broadband subscriptions on mobile devices are beginning to overtake subscriptions to home networks according to a report published by ITU, the UN’s specialised telecommunications agency.

Today I’m looking into the news and investigating why there has been such a steep increase in mobile subscription in the recent past.

Changing world

Avner Motaev
How will the world connect in the future?

The report states that, on a global scale, 47.2 of 100 inhabitants or households worldwide utilise mobile broadband – this has overtaken the home broadband number of 46.4 per 100.

Over 90 out of 100 of the inhabitants subscribed to ‘mobile-cellular’ services – a potential indication as to why the increase in mobile broadband has been so steep. Subscriber growth has plateaued in recent years, but remains high.

In its report, the ITU laid its vision and objectives for the next five years.

The Connect 2020 Goals and Targets element of the report states that over 50 per cent of households around the world should be connected to the internet by 2020, with 60 per cent of individuals benefitting from internet access – this is a highly ambitious target.

Strong Europe

As I’ve previously discussed, Europe isn’t necessarily at the forefront of innovation in regards to telecommunications – in this regard however, the region shines.

For example, 7 of the top 10 countries for ICT development were in Europe according to ITU’s ICT Development Index (IDI). Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and the UK were all ranked.

Ofcom, the UK telecommunications regulator, said of the report:

“This year’s report shows good progress on the availability and take-up of communications services, which are now crucial in people’s personal and working lives

However, the report recognises there is still more to do; particularly in improving broadband and mobile availability and quality of service for consumers and businesses around the country.”

While Ofcom’s comment is more UK-centric, there is a definite truth for the rest of the continent, especially the sentiment about connecting more people and improving availability.

In summary, there is clearly more appetite for mobile broadband than ever before – European providers must accommodate for this.

Avner Motaev

Avner Motaev is the director of Mobile2Business, a provider of telecommunications solutions to businesses in Austria. Mobile2Business is an official business partner of T-Mobile.

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