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Trends for 2016: smartphones 

Avner Motaev investigates smartphone trends for 2016.

Smartphones and smartwatches in particular are set to penetrate further into markets across the globe in 2016, due to several different contributing factors.

I’ve chosen to look further into these factors and deliver a conclusion on the predictions for the market.

Avner Motaev
What will become of smartphones in 2016?

Smartwatches rising

Smartwatches, such as Apple’s ubiquitous Apple Watch, are due to challenge niche wearables such as digital fitness bands in 2016. This is according to research carried out by research experts Strategy Analytics.

Cliff Raskind, director at Strategy Analytics, said:

“The Apple Watch will prove a relatively popular accessory for smartphone owners during the busy Q4 2015 holiday season and into 2016, when the next generation of smartwatch models will be launched.”

It appears that the holiday season has strengthened the smartwatches potential to rule over 2016. This doesn’t mean the trend will carry out into the rest of the year, but the potential is definitely there.

Growing regions

The research also predicted that Indonesia, after China and India, will become the most powerful nation in regards to smartphone markets.

The populous south Asian nation saw a recent slowdown of market growth for smartphones, but this has been regarded as a ‘blip’ by experts.

In regards to the physical manufacture of smartphones, Neil Mawston of Strategy Analytics said:

“We also predict some smartphone and component manufacturing to shift out of China and into India and Indonesia during the coming years, for closer supply proximity to these growing pools of demand.”

Mr. Mawston’s standpoint indicates that Indonesia won’t just see growth as a market for smartphones, but as a producer of smartphones too.

As well as Indonesia, Africa is seeing strong growth in regards to smartphone sales. For example, during the third quarter of 2015, the Africa and Middle East (AME) region accounted for an 11% share of the global handset market – the second biggest region behind the Asia Pacific region.

In conclusion, the smartphone market in 2016 will see more globalisation, more wearable technology and more opportunities.

Avner Motaev

Avner Motaev is the director of Mobile2Business, a provider of telecommunications solutions to businesses in Austria. Mobile2Business is an official business partner of T-Mobile.

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